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Archetyp was born on 17 May 2020 as a drugs only darknet marketplace. Built from scratch with security and a high quality user experience in mind, we have grown to become the world's number 1 darknet market. To visit Archetyp, download the Tor Browser and follow one of the Archetyp Market links below:

About Archetyp Market

After years of observing darknet markets exit scam and be seized by law enforcement due to Opsec mistakes, we decided enough was enough, and we could do it better. So we set out to do just that. After more than 3 years since we first launched, following a series of high profile darknet market closures, Archetyp has risen to the status of number 1 darknet market in the world in terms of user base, vendors and sales.

We don't compromise on security, not ever! For that reason, we only support cryptocurrency payments by Monero (XMR); a truly safe and secure payment method.

Archetyp Market
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Our Ethos

It is a fact not everything legal is good for you nor everything illegal is bad. There is no loving government who will advise you in the light of true nature of universe. Wake up and take control of your own destiny. Archetyp is here to provide a platform to allow for safe transactions between vendors and buyers worldwide.

After the retirement of ASAP, we know we’re now the main focus of law enforcement. Let’s use this attention for something better! Taking down markets, won’t solve anything. More will always be there to fill their place.

Demand for drugs and darknet markets just keep growing and it is unstoppable. We are not the reason why the demand exists. This demand is created by multimillion corporations and their cooperative government friends. So, who is the evil here? Ignoring the reality is not the nature of the reality. Ignoring the truth is ignorance. Socially accepted and taxed drugs are still drugs, just not available to all, often due to greed and extortion from big pharma. We’re here to fuel radical change.

Who decided to use tax-payers’ money to oppress the people? What makes the governments the most qualified to solve addictions? They haven’t had much success so far have they? Given tremendous resources for power and money, they cannot even stop the street gangs.

In our market, credit cards or fraud are forbidden because we see that not matching with our purpose. We are here to be the platform where people can find and afford products they want but can't legally obtain. We have no interest in dishonesty or promotion of fraudulent activity.

Forbidden or not, people will say YES to drugs. Governments should make us obsolete with solutions, not with laws. We’re just a symptom, not the illness, nor the cause. On the darknet, many can be in for the money but is the motivation of governments truly any different? Why should we should live in a state of paranoia because we like to get high? We are here to stay, and Archetyp will continue to take a stand for the people who want our services.

Ordering on Archetyp

Create an Account

Take our quick sign up quiz to ensure you're ready to use the market safely, then choose a username, password and PIN.


Browse Products

Search by product category, shipping locations, price or vendor. Then see detailed product information, photos and buyer feedback.


Place Order

Select the quantity you want, preferred delivery method, and provide your shipping address. Personal details are always encrypted for security.


Make Payment

Pay for one or more products at once by sending the stated amount of XMR to the wallet address provided within 3 hours of placing the order.


Finalize and Review

Once your order arrives, finalize it to release funds from escrow and leave feedback (optional but recommended).

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Archetyp Market Rules

While Archetyp is a "darknet" marketplace, this is not a place without rules and values. We simply ask that all those on our platform abide by some simple rules, which ensures a positive experience for every user:

- Zero tolerance for violence and harm against individuals.

- Friendly, good behavior is always encouraged. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

- Provide fair and honest feedback. Understand possible issues on the other end.

- Report violations while providing support and guidance for those in need.

- No sales of anything relating to fraud, poisons or scam activity.

- Doxing, blackmail or insults are not tolerated.

Those looking to vend on the platform can sign up for a vendor fee of 650 Euros, payable in XMR. All vending applications will be reviewed manually and vendors asked to provide evidence of past history and/or product inventory. In the event an application is rejected, the fee will be refunded in full.


Joined in November 2021 and we will be around till the end. Love it here.

Wispa Vendor (1000+ sales)

Been using this market for a while now - it has been the easiest to use so far!

IronMind Buyer

No problems whatsoever, our favorite market of all time. Business all good, a smooth operation.

Napoleon Vendor (1000+ sales)

The most user friendly market I've used - the apple of my eye!

Unicornish Buyer

We feel like this market was created for us, we love the features and the ease of use. Market staff deal with issues promptly and fairly.

Drugify Vendor (1000+ sales)

Archetyp & Monero